Awaken The Secrets to Manifesting Love


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Could you use a deep, committed,

loving relationship in your life?

We’re not talking about an ordinary relationship that seems to lack commitment and dedication. We’re talking about a deep, loving, relationship that rocks your world and fills you with excitement, joy and bliss.

Fair Warning Though: When you attend manifesting love beyond belief you will learn powerful secrets that will permanently change your love life and there is no going back . . .

Are you ready for the love you desire?

The information and exercises we will share with you during this online retreat on October 20th during the Full Moon will transform your love life.

You may have tried counselors, psychics, books, Gurus, and videos only to still be in the same place.

What you need to understand is there is a

 powerful formula, and a combination Unique Exercise

that will give you the power to

Save Your Relationship

Turn Your Relationship

Into A Marriage

Help You Find Your Soulmate

Get A Commitment

Attract The Perfect


Set Your Soul On Fire

With Love

And the best part about it is there is no begging and no chasing. 

They will literally beg to be with you

Of course you can continue to read books and hope you stumble on the secrets you need to fill your life with happiness & love or you can talk to friends, maybe they have the answers.


You can join us on October 20th for a special 90 minute live intensive that is certain to take you from the want zone to the LOVE ZONE and beyond.

In this exciting 90 minutes you will learn:

  • Why this program will work for you.
  • How to get what you really want
  • Unlock the power of your mind
  • Sweep away fear and doubts
  • Expand Your magnetic desire
  • Overcome fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs
  • Super confidence attraction meditation
  • Get the commitment you desire

This live event is limited in space so get registered now before it fills up.

The event is live, however if you can’t attend at the appointment time, you will have 72 hours

to watch the replay. Expect only love and miracles

Rachael Zink

Robert Zink

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